Bet on Portuguese football

Do you know everything about Portuguese football? Use your knowledge and predict the outcome of Portuguese league football games at Betfinal. Bet on the likes of SL Benfica one week and predict a game of FC Porto next week. Football is the most popular sport in Portugal and the Primeira Liga is home to a lot of internationally successful clubs. Subscribe to Betfinal and benefit from all the best odds for Portuguese football. Check the schedule today and place your bets.

How to bet

At Betfinal there are various betting options. For example, predict the match-winner or the number of goals scored in a game. For every game outcome, there’s an odd set to the probability of this event to happen. Make a combination of bets and the odds will multiply by each other! Not too sure about the possible outcome? The statistics can help you make a prediction. When you are ready you simply add the bets to your betslip. You can immediately see your potential winnings!

Settlement of your bet

When you win a bet, the money will immediately be added to your online wallet. You can decide to withdraw the money to your bank account or place a new bet right away. Your winnings are calculated by multiplying your stake by European odds. Be aware that if you’re using British or American odds there can be a slight difference due to round-off errors.

Cash out

Are you willing to take high risks or do you prefer to have a way out when it gets too tricky? At Betfinal you can always decide to cash out if you feel like you made a wrong prediction. For instance, you thought that your favorite team, SL Benfica, definitely was going to beat FC Porto in the Primeira Liga, but after the first half, you are not so sure anymore. That’s when you can decide to accept the current cash out offer. The money is immediately available in your wallet so you can find your luck elsewhere. The total of the cash out offer is determined based on the score and the status of your bet.


Who is going to be the winner of the Primeira Liga and will become the national champion of Portugal? Is it going to be one of the Big Three or do you think another club will grab the title this season? Make sure to predict the league standings at the end of the season and place your bets at Betfinal.

Stream Portuguese football live

Betters are sports lovers and we know it! To make sure you can watch the games you’ve placed a bet for Betfinal broadcasts games live on our platform every day. Are you up for a challenge? You can even place bets while watching one of our live streams. Check the live page to see which Portuguese football games are being broadcasted.